Évadez-vous dans un cadre exceptionnel

Planète Sauvage Pays de la Loire

Planète Sauvage is a zoological park located in Port-Saint-Père in Loire Atlantique. It opens the doors of its animal reserve, which covers 80 hectares, and offers a range of activities for the whole family. A preserved territory where nearly a thousand animals from the four corners of the world live. A whole day's journey awaits you: Safari trail, Cité Marine, walking trail with the Jungle Trail and the Village de Brousse... A walk that will enchant young and old alike.

Safari trails: approach the kings of the savannah.

The Safari trail offers a 10 kilometre-long route close to the most gigantic animals. You will come across emblematic species, either in your vehicle or on a 4×4 raid. Lions, tigers, elephants, bears, giraffes... Herds of animals will pass close by, majestic, dominant and curious. Halfway along the route, you will be able to meet the animals of the mini-farm and enjoy the natural space of this place. The last few kilometres will still be full of beautiful encounters.

Discover also the "Night safari", an exclusive programme where you can explore the night safari in small groups on board a 4×4 bush car, equipped with giant torches. On the programme: discovery of the Cité Marine and its dolphins, visit of the Jungle Route and excursion to the Village de la Brousse, typical dinner at the restaurant Le Galion, in the heart of the pedestrian area, and finally, departure for the night safari.

Planète Sauvage also offers you the "Safari Excellence" where you can discover the park and its "backstage" accompanied by a guide and a caretaker for the day aboard a Land rover. On the programme: visit of the elephant lodges, lunch at the bivouac camp, a special session with the dolphins... An unusual and fun trip!

The Cité Marine: from the land world to the sea world.

In the heart of the animal park, don't miss the Cité Marine and its dolphins! Every day, attend presentation sessions, at the times communicated on site. Throughout the day, let yourself be guided through the underwater gallery for a breathtaking view of the dolphins.

Dolphins and the Cité Marine are included in the entrance ticket. However, if you want to be even closer to the dolphins, the "Encounter with Dolphins" programme has been created to allow you to spend around thirty minutes with the dolphin keepers and to enter the "backstage": a privileged session at the edge of the pools, a discovery session in the underwater gallery. You will discover everything about dolphins and their daily life at the Cité Marine.

Walking tour in the Village de la Brousse...

Extend the African adventure in the Village de Brousse, a perfect reconstruction of a village in the Senoufo Country. The Sénoufos are an African ethnic group present in Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and southern Mali. Mainly farmers, these villages are recognisable by their huts with conical thatched roofs and typical ochre and brown walls, as well as by the presence of millet granaries. At the heart of this village are entertaining and original animals, such as the meerkat, otter, coati, or ara. At the bend of the village, enter the Reptile Arch, to discover crocodiles and snakes.

...and in the Jungle

The Jungle course offers you a 250 m circuit on liana bridges between 3 and 5 m high, a real moment of sensations to share with family or friends. But beware, this is the territory of a tribe of rhesus macaques with its laws, its rules and its chief!

Indeed, about twenty monkeys are born every year in the park. A large family that you will be able to observe evolving around you all along the route. They will be able to show you their climbing skills and will prove to you their ability to eat in all positions!

Lunch break in the heart of the zoo

There are several restaurants in the park for all tastes. In the middle of the Safari trail, the "Kilometre 5" welcomes you for your snacks and snacks on the go. A picnic area is at your disposal to take advantage of this natural space with a view of the camels. The Galleon is just a few steps away from the Cité Marine and the dolphins. Here you will find an assortment of salads, pasta, sandwiches and various desserts as well as snacks for afternoon snacks.

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